Also known as The Man in Black, Jacob Feely was a famous Gotham mentally insane criminal from early 2002 until he was aprehended by the Batman in 2007 soon after the events in the Narrows. He was known to be addicted to military technology, which he used in his either small or large hits against banks, Gotham VIPs, etc. The time he was caught, he was resistant enough to force Batman to chase him even after dawn, but he was ironically defeated by a kid's blow with his skateboard.


Biography Edit

Jacob was born September 8th, 1979 to Peter and Jessica Feely in a Gotham poor neighbourhood. Since age twelve he was involved in thefs againts locals and GTA, and later in adolescence he saw himself involved in gang violence. From young age he started to show mental instability, acting sadistical in his felonies and making his family's lives impossible. He also showed a great interest in enginneering, although outside of school. He continued his criminal career blending in until the age of 23, when his gang mistakenly assaulted a BKR (a Gotham company) cargo truck, filled with prototypical weapons destined for the military. Jacob became obsessesed with this accidental adquisitions and later tried to steal military equipment from Wayne Enterprises with these weapons (particularly two impulse wave rifles and a jetpack, but he was repelled by local security since he was out of practice. Months later, he successfully robbed 3 gotham banks and kidnapped 2 polititians to collect randsom, earning millions.

He was finally arrested when he tried to steal from a large city bank, after being shot by a skilled sniper, and sent to Arkham Asylum due to his mental instability.

He stayed there for two years until he escaped with other prisoners during the Narrows Incident. Went back to the place he used to hide in, and got his equipment back.

Two weeks later, he attempted to rob rich people on top of a downtown city building, but he was confronted by the Batman. Jacob fought even after dawn, but he was finally brought down by a kid's skateboard, and days later returned to Arkham by Detectives Anna Ramirez and Cris Allen, by Leutenant Gordon's order.