Katsi Soo Kengheig, also known as "Keng" was a kendo (and other martial arts) teacher, who immigrated to Gotham searching for a peaceful life with his family. Due to a series of events, the Gotham Triads murder his family, leading him into a cold-blooded revenge that would confront him with the Batman.


Family Life and Profesional Life Edit

Keng inmigrated with his family to Gotham in 1997. Since then, he gathered some money working as a security guard in Gotham Grand Hotel to start a martial arts school, which, very small at the beggining became very succesful. Soon, he had many students under his care. Everyone who knew him was impressed by his ability with the samurai sword, discipline he had learned from his late fater back in Japan. He and his wife Tana had a seven year old boy, Kashy, and a girl on the way.

Encounters with the Triads Edit

After the fall of Falcone, the Chinese Triads claimed part of his teritory, an act to which Salvatore Maroni, inheriting Falcone's place and busy in his war with the Russian, didn't oppose. The Triads were not happy with a Japanese man teaching martial arts in his territory, and their thugs started intimidating some of his students. One of them tried to comfront them and was killed. The thugs took the body to Keng's school as a clear signal that they wanted him to leave. Keng opposed them, claiming that he would stay, and even beat them up, scaring them away. Okisanyo, the Triads leader, determined then that more drastic measures needed to be taken.

His Family is Murdered Edit

Keng's Revenge and Batman's Opposition Edit