This is a move expected to be released on janurary 8th 2012.Christian bale returns as batman where he tries to stop the riddler from destroying gotham city with a nuclear weapon shaped as a T.V.

Christian Bale as Batman/Bruce Wayne-a billionaire dedicated to saving gotham ctiy from the wrath of organized crime.

Steve Carrell as Edward E.Nygma/The Riddler-The main villain of the film he uses riddles to hide his true intentions to wipe out 75% of gothams population with a T.V. shaped nuclear bomb.He is killed before he can achieve these plans by Black Mask when he has his heart torn out causing his bleeding corpse to fall down a flight of stairs.

Michael Jai White as Andre-Riddlers henchmen proficient in blades he is ruthless brutal and cold hearted and is willing to kill his own mother is shot by Black mask in revenge for riddler betraying him to the police.

Halle Berry as Miss Bleu-Riddler's main lover she tries to seduce batman on orders of the riddler she is very loyal to him and is shot by Black mask because the riddler betrayed him to the police.

David Dastmalchian as Officer Rory Grissop-A police officer who aids batman in trying to take down the riddler.

Aaron Eckhart as Two-Face-the former District attorney who joins forces with the riddler in order to wipe out 75% of gotham city's population with a Nuclear bomb shaped as an T.V. from their floating hideout in the sky.

Anthony Anderson as the thug dirving a 2007 Saleen S302 he is killed by his boss the riddler when the riddler rigs his car with a bomb

Robin Shou as Trolley Thug who is arrested by Rory Grissop at the end of the movie

Rip Torn as Roman Sionis AKA Black mask-A vengeful associate of the riddler who decides to pay the riddler back by shooting two of his associates Andre and Miss bleu in the ear

Steve Schirrippa as Rupert thorne-This version is different from his comic counterparts. While he is an crime boss he used to be a bouncer for a nightclub in gotham city.

Jeff Bridges as Darrius French-The new police commisoner who is in cahoots with the riddler he has batman branded an outlaw and has his men try to arrest him

Chad Donella as Buster Marella- an unstable cop who tries to arrest batman on the orders of Darrius french he is incapacitated by Batman

Michael Rosenbaum as Remy Beltram a corrupt cop who aids Darrius French in trying to arrest Batman he is killed by Darrius French when Darrius deems him to be of no use anymore